SAS on demand for academic use [beginning Fall 2010, updated August 2014]. Also there is a SAS University Edition. There are two versions available free for academic use.

SAS basics

Remote access from MacOSX or Windows

Instructions for access to Unixlab from a remote computer running MacOSX or Windows.

Importing data sets to SAS

Permanent SAS library

SAS examples

If you have never used SAS before, below are some comparisons. Advanced features of SAS are SAS/IML and macros.

Why learn SAS

Is SAS more difficult to learn than R?

Speed comparisons of SAS with R and C

These comparisons are made by timings on a common computer. The computational task was an iterative loop of one million cycles to evaluate a probability by simulation. Order of speed is:

C, SAS, matlab, R, octave (matlab clone in Unix).

Splus is typically much slower than R for loops.

For use of a single SAS procedure or R function, the timing will likely be equivalent to the speed of C, because the actual computations will be based on compiled C or Fortran code.